"The greatest friend to art is purity. The greatest enemy, logic."

- Kavit Mehta (founder)


Founder & CEO

We are Tezhomaya, an apparel and accessories brand with focus on luxury and bridge to luxury products. 

At Tezhomaya, we believe that designs, comfort and experience should be without any limitations and boundaries. This belief has translated into the mission of providing extremely comfortable products with bright, energetic and vibrant designs. The perfect balance of form and substance. A treat on the body, mind and soul of the wearer. 

Tezhomaya was born to give life to the meditative visions of the founder Kavit Mehta. For last five years, Kavit has been perfecting the science, art and craft of comfort and looks for customer to experience a totally new and unparalled creation. When you wear a creation of Tezhomaya, you are not only wearing a garment but also the feelings of excitement, exuberance, opulance, abundance, boldness and extreme comfort. 

The products are made from the fabric that is super smooth and lightweight. The products made for sports allow for intense athletic activity while being moisture wicking, lightweight and soft to touch. The products made with Satin weave are super soft to touch and extremely lightweight. 

At Tezhomaya, we take pride in keeping things simple yet profound and this is reflected in every design. 

Welcome to the world of Tezhomaya